Rupert Murdoch 3D-holoshow Back Stage Footage from activ8 events on Vimeo.

3D hologram installation in Mumbai for the media legend, Rupert Murdoch.

activ8-events designed and produced a stunning 3D holographic projection system where two "live" Indian women danced traditional dances. The hologram system was set up within a 8m wide, 5m high and 6m deep rig. The show featured live dancers with their 3D hologram doubles, live on stage!


activ8-events sent their experienced team of film directors, camera men and lighting crew to one of Mumbai's most well-equipped film studios. We filmed the Indian dancers in 5K resolution camera and then post produced the entire footage into a 3D video.  that inspired and entertained the audience at each demo.

From start to finish, the project took 2 weeks. The 3D hologram show was live for around one month. Advertising agencies and senior directors from a diverse cross section of Mumbai business world travelled from afar to witness the incredible hologram effects.


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