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activ8-events do not only specialise in 3D holographic displays and shows, our motion capture system is one of our most popular and sought after products. Motion capture technology is an ideal solution for creating engaging exhibition stands for client who are looking for a big impact, particularly those with a limited stand size.


A large pharmaceutical company came to activ8-events with the brief of "bring two of our brand characters to life and make them entertain and interacting with pur visitors at the Lisbon EASD Diabetes exhibition." The aim was to draw incididuals and crowds to the stand and engage them with real time entertaining character interaction.


We installed two 62 inch portrait plasma screens to the front corner of the exhibition stand. The two motion capture suit actors were hidden back stage in a 4 x 2meter control room.

This amazing motion capture technology allowed for full, real time interaction between the characters and audience. The characters would chat to the exhibition visitors, just like a real person would: “Hello, I like your green tie… Are you enjoying Portugal?.Why not take a look at our stand and learn more about our services?”.

Learn more about our motion capture system here.

Using our motion capture system, the actors’ controlled the characters’ full body movements and speech in real time. The actors could see and hear the audience via a live video and audio feed.

The exhibition visitors could discuss the products with the characters on a serious level, or casually chat to add a bit of joy to their day.

Our motion capture system was a hugh success and by far the most popular feature at the whole Lisbon exhibition. The characters drew in huge crowds and big visitor numbers, leaving them thoroughly entertained and often truely wowed at the motion capture technology on show.

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