90 degree 3D-holoshow system from activ8 events on Vimeo.

Lost In Wonderland 3D bought together 2000 clubbers from across the UK, and a handful of top DJ’s to Control in Leeds, to dance the night away until 6am. A huge transparent 3D-screen 8m x 4m projected spectacular 3D video images throughout the night to the amazement of the clubbers.

With just 3 weeks notice, and very little space available within the nightclub, activ8 designed and installed a BRAND NEW "90 degree 3D-holoshow system” This system was a direct projection and we used our new vertical 3D-holfilm screen for this project. The vertical 3D-holofilm screen is essentially a transparent projection screen which captures the video image and gives the conventional video a facelift making it appear as 3D! The set-up of this new system is much simpler tales us less space, is very easy to rig, and is also much more cost effective and there is no need to build a large truss frame and black box.

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