activ8-events Voice Controled Ford Hologram from activ8 events on Vimeo

The car manufacturing giant, Ford, came to activ8-events with the brief of “create a stunning 3D holographic display for a touring event, launching the latest Ford Fiesta”.

The tour was set to travel across six European cities. Due to the size of the tour and the unique, cutting edge technology that we were planning to use, we organised an extensive R&D project prior ti the event going live in Rome.

The show was made up of our 3D holographic projection system along with a voice activated hologram animation system. The 3D holographic projection was activated by the audience, reacting to commands such as "jump", "flip", "somersault", "dance" and more. The hologram car would even change colour as per the command, allowing for the audience to view and create their dream Fiesta. This voice controlled 3D hologram display was a world first for this type of product launch.

If the 3D hologram display wasn't enough, we also filmed some of the audience members in our green screen room and projected them as 3D holograms to appear within the holographic Ford. We created a video for each audience member to show their friends and family as well as spread across social media, creating a viral campaign for the client.

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