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What is motion capture?

Using a specialist 3D camera, controllers, microphone and a computer, our motion capture software can create a live and interactive 3D character performance that is suitable for a wide range of entertainment, educational and interactive purposes.

Our motion capture system is a highly simple and cost effective approach to live and interactive performance capture. FLUID ONLINE is a network based system, allowing remote interaction with an audience via the internet. This means the operator can be in any network enabled location, saving large expense and carbon footprint.

The motion capture operator can interact with an audience on the other side of the world without even leaving the studio!

3D or 2D, you decide!

  • activ8-events offer this incredible motion capture technology for use with our 3D holographic projection systems, and as well as conventional 2D systems such as plasma screens and LED displays.
  • We provide motion capture systems, real time, life-size, 3D animated characters that entertain and interact with your audience like your have never senn before, live at your show or event.
  • A “real” actor, who is hidden from the audience, brings the "virtual" character to life. The virtual character is fully mobile and has all the features that you would associates with 3D animated characters in the movies, except this one talks back to you!

An ideal solution for any event!

How about a 3D holographic projection of a virtual host at an awards ceremony, event or show?

Or how about having your chosen character meet and greet guests at an event or function?

If you can come up with a creative concept or idea for the motion capture character, then we will make it a reality and bring it to life as your totally virtual entertainer

The Key Features:

  • Network broadcasting for remote interaction
  • Delivers uncompressed HD quality
  • Finger controls
  • Full body motion capture with no suit
  • Head and wrist controls
  • X / Y stick control of facial expressions
  • Up to 6 selectable facial expressions
  • Auto lipsync from microphone input
  • Configurable show system for content
  • Stock characters included
  • Customised content available on request
  • 2D images and videos as backgrounds
  • Video as 3D textures
  • Audio in video supported
  • Scene loading controls

No special training required:

  • No suit required, just plug and play
  • 1 minute from boot to caputure
  • 2m x 4m capture area
  • Single operator show control
  • Full HD
  • Requires network connection
  • Optimised for 1mbps
  • Works with any display

Kit includes:

  • 2 x Show computers
  • 2 x Fluid software pre-installed
  • 2 x Node locked license
  • 1 x 3D camera
  • 2 x Wireless hand controller sets
  • 1 x Rechargable battery sets
  • 1 x IP camera
  • 1 x User guide
  • 1 x 5m active USB extender
  • 2 x routers

Our Clients

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