Ciba Vision from activ8 events on Vimeo.

Using the SILAS motion capture system, activ8-events created an amazingly entertaining event for their ckient, Ciba Vision at the optician exhibition at the G-MEX centre, Manchester, April 2009.

The motion capture technology allowed a back stage actor to control the 3D character's movement and speech using a motion capture suit and headset. 

The display was set up using 2 x 50 inch plasma screens, aligned vertically. activ8-events designed life sized 3D character, who enticed, welcomed and interacted with visitors to the Ciba Vision stand.

The behind the scenes actor could see and hear the audience via a live video feed and microphone, allowing for hilarious and often mind-boggling interaction, as the audience had no clue as to how a 3D cartoon could hold a conversation with them!

The motion capture event was a huge success for both activ8-events and Ciba Vision. The motion capture 3D character display enticed and captivated many customers, bringing much laughter and enjoyment to the whole exhibition.

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