coca-cola from activ8 events on Vimeo.

With a tight timeline of just three weeks, activ8-Events delivered one of their biggest clients, Coca-Cola, a truly stunning  3D holographic projection show, held in Prague for over 800 Coca Cola employees and special guests.

Coca-Cola’s production agency send activ8-events their AutoCAD drawings of the massive stage, measuring 25m wide, 10m deep, and 8m high. The 3D hologram show show itself left the audience in awe, as we beamed in senior directors of Coca-Cola to deliver keynote speeches. The cutting edge 3D hologram animations and post production effects included 3D virtual human beings, virtual spinning 3D clocks, time machines, 3D-coca cola bottles and an interactive 3D hologram power-point presentation.

Well we were all nervous and not sure that you could pull this off in time as we gave you only 3 weeks, but talking to my colleagues we believe that you have delivered us the best Sales Conference ever! So what are going to do for us next year!?

Coca-Cola senior executive 

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