gadget-show from activ8 events on Vimeo.

Channel Five's The Gadget Show set up a challenge for their presenters "produce a gadget themed party". Both presenters went in search of cutting edge technology that would turn their designated space into a futuristic super-club.

Gadgets included LED dancefloors, interactive tables, virtual DJ systems and more. Our contribution was the activ8-events holopyramid projection system.

The content was created by the production team at Chanel 5. Ortis was filmed on a green screen using a HD camera. The footage was then sent to activ8-events, our work involved rotascoping to create a perfectly black background for the hologram display. Once the content was played though the system, Ortis’ head appeared to float within the holographic pyramid display.

Our 3D-holopyramid was positioned in the entrance of Ortis’ club. It displayed a 3D hologram of Ortis’ head, welcoming guests to the party with incredible visuals and audio.


Our Clients

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